Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finance and Investment: New articles

 Building business credit is a crucial job. it is different from personal credit. Jyoti Kothari has written an article about how to build business credit. Read more:

View article in hubpages:Business credit: ten steps to build it
(Finance and Investment group)
 India and America are the two significant economies in the world. Stock market reflects economy. Indian stock market and American stock market are compared.
View article in hubpages:
Comparison of Indian and American stock markets; Updates
(Finance and Investment group)

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  1. Hi Jyoti,
    These are nice links to your hubs. Business credit building is a superb hub.
    I liked it.
    Thumbs up!

  2. People are worried about their business credit. It is especially in the time of global slow down.
    You have shown them a path who want to build their business credit.
    I have read this hub. It is really nice.
    A must read for all business persons.